What is Mama & Me Fitness?

Mama & Me Fitness provide safe and effective workouts for mums and mums to be. Combining strength, conditioning and cardio work in HIIT / circuit style classes, I’ll help you to improve your fitness, improve muscle tone and give you more energy to look after your little one.

‘Covid-19 safe’ – social distancing is maintained throughout classes, as studios are split into ‘workout cubes’ and all equipment is thoroughly cleaned before & after each use. So you can rest assured that the classes are a safe place for you to train.

All classes can be adapted to suit your fitness levels and are suitable for all abilities.

Both Pre & Post Natal classes are available so you can continue to enjoy Mama & Me Fitness from pregnancy right through your maternity leave and beyond.

Bring your babies along! In order to be Covid-19 safe and maintain social distancing, I ask that you bring your own blankets and toys for your baby, so you have peace of mind that your baby is safe and happy whilst you get the most out of your workout.

Meet like minded mums – Mama & Me Fitness classes are a great way to socialise and meet other mums and mums to be in your local area.

Click the link below to book your FREE taster session!

Mum and Baby with Dumbbells


I’ve done a couple of Steph’s workouts now including my first live one yesterday and I love them. I’m over a year post natal now but I still find them challenging in a good way. I thought it would get too easy once I got my pre pregnancy fitness back but that’s not the case at all, they are suitable at any stage!

Jen M

I have just done my first Live workout with Steph and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get fit!

She did a mixture of cardio, strength and core exercises and explained how they can be adaptable dependant on your fitness level/ if you were pregnant making it easy for anyone to join.

It was just the right duration for me and my god I am SWEATING!!

Thanks again Steph xx

Claire H

Just completed my first workout with Steph and I feel great! The different sections made sure I worked my full body, I especially enjoyed the core part. Steph made me feel completely at ease and explained how to make the exercises harder or easier depending on your fitness level.

Thanks Steph, looking forward to the next workout!

Emma S

Just done the free trial and loved it, I’m 20 weeks pregnant and the exercises were great, steph adapted each one so it was suitable, will be signing up this week!

Lucy L

After enjoying the free trial yesterday I have taken up the 6 class pass offer Mama & Me Fitness are currently offering.
I found Steph clear in her instructions and liked the fact that she offered different exercise options and shared time left to keep us motivated.

Gemma S

My friend and I did the free workout, we thought it was a good workout we loved how you showed us each stage that we could choose from. Of all the workouts we have tried during quarantine, we enjoyed that you did a full set the whole way through and then went back to the beginning instead of like three sets of the same thing all at once. xx

Saphina M

I did one of Steph’s classes this morning and loved it. I woke up feeling knakered and very demotivated after a bad night with my darling child but after doing Steph’s workout I felt so much better. Steph talked you through each exercise and modifications if needed. I was dripping with sweat but knew my body had done a great workout – thanks Mama & Me Fitness!

Louise N